Why Bother Sharing Your God-Given Voice?

When I attended my first Christian Writers Conference in 2010, the Lord affirmed He’d given me a voice and taught me to appreciate the other unique voices using writing to share His truth and love for His glory.

I left that conference inspired, ready to learn, and ready to write with Spirit-empowered boldness. But a few years ago, I made the mistake of listening to someone who claimed to find “nothing of value” on my blog or in anything else I wrote.

After God helped me recover from the shock of that so-not-constructive criticism, He freed me from the bondage of that debilitating lie. Still, I sometimes wonder why anyone would want to read what I have to say.

As I commune more frequently with the Lord through prayer and dig deeper into His Word, I’m learning to write with obedience as I focus on God’s voice, not on myself, my shortcomings, or my qualifications.

I’m not a writer.

I’m a Christ follower who writes.

Writing is a tool purposed for ministry, a tool designed to help God’s disciples fulfill the Great Commission.

Using my God-given voice to write for His glory is a form of worship and good stewardship.

Every voice matters. Every voice makes a difference. And every beautifully diverse voice has a specific purpose.

In my devotion “Harmonizing Voices,” published on the Deeper Waters blog, I share how God confirmed those truths so I would no longer feel the need to compare myself to others.

As members of God’s Writing Tribe, we don’t need to feel competitive or jealous of other scribes. We don’t need to judge the worth or criticize the impact of someone else’s offering to our good, good Father.

All of our voices are important because one writer can’t possibly reach every reader in the world.

But God can’t use what we refuse to offer Him.

As I continue using my God-given voice, I still battle fears and insecurities. I still fend off the why-bother-writing-if-no-one-reads-it thoughts.

But, I’m learning to simply obey God’s leading, trust Him to decide how He wants to use my offering, and encourage others to write for His glory.

And this year, I’m celebrating the debut of a new voice.

My husband’s first devotion, “Teach a Man to Fish,” joins my short story, “Pictures of Joy,” in this year’s Inspire anthology. But ours are only two of the God-given voices in this compilation, so I encourage you to order your copy of Inspire Joy today.

While Inspire Christian Writers invites members to be a part of next year’s anthology, you don’t have to wait to use the voice the Lord has entrusted to you.

There’s a simple way for writers to immediately begin using their God-given voices.


Have you considered starting a blog?

Are you brand-new to blogging?

Do you want to refresh your passion for blogging?

Or do you shudder at the thought of starting or continuing a blog?

If you answered ‘yes’ to any of those questions, you won’t want to miss my upcoming interview series: Brave Bloggers.

I’ve had the privilege of learning from some of God’s beautifully diverse voices in the blogging world, and am looking forward to sharing a few of those writers with you.

Until then, I look forward to hearing your stories.

How has God helped you appreciate the value and purpose of different voices, including your own?

How have fears, insecurities, or anything else kept you from sharing your writing with others?

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Xochitl (so-cheel) E. Dixon serves as a writer for Our Daily Bread Ministries. She encourages women and teens to embrace God’s grace and grow deeper in their personal relationships with Christ and others. She enjoys being a wife and mom, traveling, photography, and sharing God’s truth and love.


  1. Thank you for this honest post about calling, discouragement and refocus on our Father.

    I have been writing a prayer devotional, sent out via email, for over two years now. This process has surfaced many insecurities. One of many, being dyslexic keeps me in constant worry of typos. God’s message overrides my worries and typos.

    There is nothing like the inward joy of meditating on His word and attempting to draw in another’s heart through writing about it. Most importantly, knowing that I am only doing this to please Him.

    Thank you for all of your encouragement Xochitl!

    • Michele, thanks for your kind words. You’re encouragement makes a difference!

      Do you still have copies of those devotions you sent out via email? Those would make excellent content if you started a blog. You could post a few before going live, then share more according to the schedule that works best for you. But if you’re planning on using them for a book, I would not use them on your blog. Some publishers would consider the material published already. That doesn’t mean you can’t use the same ideas in a different format, though.

      Confession: I almost always find typos on my blog articles, even after I’ve read them over several times. My favorite tool on my blog dashboard is the “edit” option.

      If you’re really concerned about this issue, though, it may help if you teamed up with another writer who is willing to read your articles before you post. You can do the same for her.

      I give my writing partner permission to call me out on grammar, misuse of Scripture, or unclear writing. She doesn’t read my articles before they’re posted on my blog, so there is the chance that others will see those errors before she does. But the majority of readers are overflowing with grace.

      I look forward to seeing how God is going to use your voice, Sister!

  2. Hi Xochitl! I loved your article! I have never blogged so I look forward to your future articles. Blessings and peace, Teresa

    • Teresa, how exciting! I’m so proud of you for considering sharing your God-given voice through the blogosphere. The Brave Blogger series will be introducing five writers who will be sharing on different aspects of blogging.

      You can also check out the Christian Writers Institute’s Facebook page and website. I just read a great article that offered 9 tips for bloggers, on their Facebook Page. And they have a few classes that may interest you.

      I subscribe to Blogging Bistro, which always has great information on blogging and social media. Laura Christianson, the founder of Blogging Bistro, will be our final Brave Blogger interview. Following her advice, my Twitter following rocketed from zero to over 1000 in less than three months.

      Stay tuned! She has something special to share with the Inspire readers through her interview.

      I can hardly wait to hear what the Lord does as you continue to use your voice for His glory, Sister!

      Thanks for the encouraging words, too. I appreciate you!

  3. The whole theme of voice is super important. But in the sense, as you are sharing, that we each have a unique one and that one will be more readily heard and received by certain audiences. Sorry, that is a lot of passive voice and adverb!! Anyway, a couple of things really hit me here. One, is that God can’t use what we refuse to offer. Eek! And the other is one voice cannot reach all readers. Uh, I think Scripture is an excellent example of that. We didn’t really need four different accounts of Jesus’s life, but we all know that the four authors saw the same events from distinct perspectives and in a voice that would resonate with a certain sector. God is amazing.
    Don’t want to go on and on, but I do want to affirm what you are saying. Thank you so much.

    • Colleen, I love your example of how God used four writers to share the Gospel of Christ. Each one had an intended audience and a unique voice and tone. We need to hear from every Christ follower who has been given the gift of writing to share God and is determined to hone that skill for the glory of God.

      I appreciate your affirming words. You have encouraged my heart.

      Thanks for sharing your voice, Sister. I’m looking forward to reading more from you in the blogosphere!

  4. Xochitl,

    I love this post. And I remember when you encouraged my heart with this same message a few months ago so that I wouldn’t flounder, but walk in faith when it comes to our writing journey. I’m particularly excited about your husband’s voice. Together, the two of you could blaze a new trail!!

    As for my own experience, we only “think” no one is reading our blogs. I’ve been amazed at how God has used my words in the most unlikely ways. It opened the door for an online conversation about the Lord with a transgender friend. I had no idea that person was reading my blog until he commented and asked me a question. And someone else, I haven’t seen or spoken to in over 30 years, commented on one of my post because a family member shared the post.

    Satan is the father of lies, and he loves deceiving Christian writers to believe our voice is mute…our words worthless.Thanks for sharing these valuable words. I can attest to their truth!

    • Thanks for sharing these beautiful testimonies of the ways God works behind the scenes, Karen. Thanks for reminding me that “. . . we only ‘think’ no one is reading our blogs.” I know this, but needed to be reminded how God has worked and is still working in amazing ways.

      Last year, I shared an article about forgiveness on my blog. I invited readers to comment for a chance to win a copy of Inspire Forgiveness. The winner was a woman in Finland!

      God used your gentle reminder to encourage me to get back to posting on a regular basis, Sister. My healing journey has made it easy to lag on my blogging schedule, trying to convince myself it’s better to focus on “real” deadlines. But as I read your stories, the Lord affirmed that personal deadlines are as real as deadlines from an editor. With a refreshed spirit, I am committing to writing with faithfulness to the blogging schedule the Lord placed on my heart.

      Thanks for that loving nudge, Sister.

      I look forward to seeing how God continues to use your beautiful voice as you write for His glory.

  5. Your perspective encourages me, Xochitl. Finding and using our voices can sometimes be a decades-long challenge, but it’s definitely worth the effort. My hesitation in using my gift went deep, to a shame-based foundation.

    Once I crossed that hurdle, I was reluctant to create a blog, but finally did, and it’s been a good experience as my manuscripts have become published works. What a great way to connect with readers, and dare I use the word fans?!

    Thank you.

    • What a wonderful testimony, Gail! I love hearing how the Lord shatters shame and empowers His people to walk in obedience with courageous faith.

      It’s exciting to hear how God opened the door to publication after you started blogging. One of the authors I’ll be introducing through Inspire’s Brave Blogger series will be sharing her story about how one viral post led to a three book deal with a large traditional publishing house. I hope you’ll return to read Jami Amerine’s interview and join the conversation under the comments.

      I appreciate how you referred to a blog as “a great way to connect with readers.” Through the Brave Blogger series, we’ll have a chance to connect with Denise J. Hughes as she shares tips on how to deepen community through our blogs. I look forward to having you join that conversation, too.

      Thanks for sharing your inspiring story and for encouraging me through your kind words. I pray you keep on sharing your beautiful God-given voice, Sister!

  6. I love what you wrote. I am always fearful that what I have to say is not written well enough to bring glory to God. There are those times of great joy when I have written and posted something for God. I will keep praying that God will fill me with the Holy Spirit to have the right words at the right time whenever I speak of His great works in my life.

    Thank you for your encouragement.


    • MillieAnne, I’m praising God for using my small offering to encourage you to use the unique voice He’s given you. I don’t know one writer who has never struggled with insecurity or fear regarding the quality, content, or impact of their writing. So, it’s safe to say you are not alone. While it’s wise for us to continue developing our writing skills, all we can do is offer the Lord our very best. He is the One who adds the power. He is the One who uses our offerings to do the work that only He can accomplish. I pray we will write with Spirit-empowered faith, even when our knees are trembling. Thank you for allowing the Lord to use your words to refresh my spirit and to help me remember that God can use anyone, even me. I can hardly wait to see what God does as you write with bold obedience and persevering faith. You make a difference, Sister!

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