Writer’s Flow

Writer’s flow is the opposite of writer’s block.

It’s when your hands on the keyboard cannot keep up with the story streaming from your heart. And your brain cannot invent words fast enough.

You don’t want to slow down to find the right ones—lest you lose the rush of inspiration.

Many writers have shared secrets of how to get unblocked, for example:

Mind map.

Open Monica Wood’s Pocket Muse at random and do the exercise.

Force words onto the page. Hundreds of them. Banal and insipid. Until a gold fleck appears.

These methods work. They get us plodding forward.

But what moves us from walking to running, from running to flying?

 Keep your heart with all vigilance; for from it FLOW the springs of life. Proverbs (4:23RSV)

Our heart. Taking time to get in tune. Rediscover the passion that inflames it. Shucking off the distractions that tame it.

God created us for a passionate relationship with Him. Whatever yearnings, fears, wonder, grief grip ours heart, touch His. And will touch countless hearts around us when read.

God created each of us with a unique voice. When you or I cry out, God hears as surely as a mother sheep her lamb. And so will our readers once they hear our heart.

But just as surely as our prayer life can grow wooden and dry. So can our writing. By going through the motions. Saying what we think we ought, rather than getting real. Imitating another.

Beware of critique groups. They offer invaluable help, but we must learn when to cast off their cords and break their commandments.

Beware of deadlines. They drive us forward, but we must discern when to ditch duty and rediscover our heart.

Satan is a jealous hater. He’ll do anything to distract our intimate moments with God.

And the world of editors and publishers and markets is a fickle faddist. It will buy our work today and trash it tomorrow. We must learn to get away from its pressure. Its gewgaws and gimmicks. And get in tune again with our heart. The fire within that burns to break free.

Unblock my heart, Lord, let the rivers of your God-given passion flow.

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Dana Sudboro is the Vice President of Inspire Christian Writers and leads our Rocklin/Roseville critique group. His zeal for writing romance stems from his passion for revealing the love of our Heavenly Bridegroom. His books include Continents Apart, Fatima's Fate, Adam's Garden, and Exit Cyrus.