• Word Count: 750 to 1,000 words. Posts up to 4000 words will be also be considered if the content is instructive and warrants the length.
  • Edit carefully to ensure correct grammar, usage, spelling, punctuation, and capitalization, etc. Articles requiring anything more than light copy editing will be returned for correction.
  • In how-to articles, include practical action steps and an applicable closing statement.
  • Use Bible verses within the context in which they were written.
  • Use italics only if it is grammatically correct to do so. (Delete this point, as you will have discretion.)
  • Format Scripture references as follows: Jesus wept (John 11:35 NKJV).
  • Capitalize all pronouns for God, including those with contractions. (i.e. You, You’re, etc.)
  • When referring to God’s Word, capitalize Word, Scripture, and Bible. Do not capitalize biblical.

What to Avoid and What to Include:

  • Avoid the passive voice; instead, use strong action verbs.
  • Avoid preaching (you should, you need to, or we must); instead, maintain an encouraging and conversational tone by using words like we can and we may, or I learned and I might.
  • Serve readers by sharing helpful information on a specific topic. Self-promotion is not appropriate in Inspire blog posts. Your bio and links, however, are a place to note your achievements and publications.

How to Format Your Article:

  • Save article as a Word Document.
  • Separate each paragraph with an empty line­—do not indent the first lines of paragraphs.
  • Include Header with author name and article title
  • Use only one space at the end of a sentence and between words.

Excerpts and Some Reprints Welcome:

  • We prefer posts written specifically for Inspire’s blog. However, articles can include short excerpts or quotes under 50 words if approved under copyright law.
  • Reprints are acceptable if submitted by the original author with original publication/blog name and date, and if reprint agreements allow.

What Should I Write About?

If an article topic was not requested, please pitch your idea before submission. Otherwise, submit from the following topics:

  1. Fiction Writing Tips and Training  
  2. Writing Basics
  3. Platform Building
  4. Marketing
  5. Blogging
  6. Inspiration and Encouragement for Writers
  7. Nonfiction Writing Tips and Training
  8. Critique    
  9. Business of Writing 
  10. Self-Publishing  

Also Provide the Following:

  • (Previous two points already under “How to Format”)
  • Author bio, 50 words or less
  • Good quality head shot (JPEG or PNG)
  • Good quality image of book cover (if applicable: JPEG or PNG, 1-2 images, for possible use)
  • Website, social media links, and social media handles (e.g. @inspirewriters).
  • In the subject line, include: Requested Submission by (Add Author Name and Article Title)

Please Note:

  • Writers will receive notification of posting date within 90 days.
  • Submitting a post does not guarantee acceptance.
  • Authors receive no compensation for published articles.
  • Editorial changes are usually minimal and do not affect the author’s voice or meaning.
  • Articles will be returned to author for final review only if significant editing is necessary.

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