E.V. Sparrow

Writer & Illustrator
Ph: 916-303-0560 Web: sparrow.world


Photo of E.V. Sparrow

E.V. Sparrow—writer, and illustrator enjoys life with her husband, grandchildren, and caretaking for her mother.

Sparrow’s stories encounter the unexpected.

During thirteen years as a muralist, E.V. painted whimsical designs. Her current illustration project, The Dating Dock, are in acrylic watercolor and pen. Her favorites are people, animals, fantasy creatures, and landscape backgrounds.

Sparrow’s black and white illustrations are featured in the first three editions of Little Known Tales in California History.

E.V. belongs to the Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators.

Prayer, worship, and ministry are vital to E.V. She led prayer teams and small groups in Divorce Care, Women’s, and Singles’ Ministries, sang with a worship team and choirs. E.V. served on short-term mission trips and lived abroad.

Service Details

Genres You Serve: Non-Fiction, Fiction, Picture Book/short article, single piece—any genre.

Type of Art: Traditional Line Art with pencil, watercolor, pen and ink. Ability to enhance with PhotoShop. Some of my art is posted on my website, under Portfolio.

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Services: Illustration