Many of you have expressed an interest in volunteering at the conference. Please take a look at the volunteer job descriptions and, if one or more jobs catches your eye, please contact [email protected] with any questions or to sign up!

Download our Volunteer Job Opportunities List (PDF)

Registration Team

Lead: Filled

Team: 3-4 minimum needed

Description: from 3:00-6:30pm on Friday, March 25th, check in faculty and registrants, hand out conference information and room keys, and welcome all.

Prayer Team

Lead: Filled

Team: 3 minimum needed

Description: Prior to the conference, join with the leader via Zoom and Facebook to pray for the conference, faculty, speakers, attendees, facility, and specific attendee needs. During the conference, join the leader for one hour (assigned) to pray with attendees.

Preparation Team

Lead: Filled

Team: 6 minimum needed

Description: Arrive by 11:00 A.M. on Friday on the Mt. Hermon Campus, and assist the team lead in preparing the faculty and deluxe rooms (making beds, etc.). No more than two-three hours total, all prior to the start of the conference/check-in time)

Bookstore Team

Lead: Filled

Team: 3 needed

Description: Assist the Bookstore Manager with selling and recording faculty/attendee sales. One two hour shift per team member. The shifts will be in the hours just before dinner, which is mostly over “free time.”

Hospitality Team

Lead: Open

Team: 3 minimum needed

Description: Coordinate with Team Lead to assist in various duties (helping with Faculty reception, monitoring snacks, changing/collecting table signs, etc.). The combination of tasks should not be more than 2 hours per team member throughout the course of the conference.

Classroom Team

Lead: Open

Team: Minimum of 4 needed (but the more the better!)

Description: Coordinate with the team lead to check credentials at the beginning of major morning track sessions and workshops. Involves standing at the door ten-fifteen minutes before the session is meant to start, checking attendee badges. Ideally, team members would be the attendant for the major morning tracks and workshops they are, themselves, attending, to minimize time commitment.

Transportation Team

Lead: Filled

Team: 3 minimum

Description: On the first day, assist team lead by helping to unload and watch faculty bags from the transportation van, direct faculty to check-in location, and make sure driver has everything they might need (water, snacks, etc.). Each shift is 2 hours, though there will likely only be about a half-one hour of actual work per shift. One shift per team member.