12 Tips for Getting More Out of a Conference

Want to have an even better time at Mount Hermon Christian Writers Conference (or any other conference) than you planned on?

Try these tips:

1. No matter what stage you are as a writer, focus on learning more than pitching projects.

2. Resist the temptation to compare yourselves to others. Instead, consider how far God has brought you.

3. Decide early on what you want to reserve your energy for. What will you skip if you need to?

4. Put a special time with God in one of your appointment slots.

5. Schedule time for an afternoon or early morning walk, either alone or with friends. Mount Hermon grounds are too beautiful to miss!

6. Connect with friends as often as possible. Don’t be afraid to hang out, laugh, and talk about something other than writing once in a while.

7. Limit phone calls that will only distract you from enjoying the conference. Same goes for checking email.

8. Recognize signs of fatigue and overload and listen to your body.

9. If you’re having a rough day, tell someone. Ask God to lead you to the right person. They won’t think you’re being whiny.

10. If someone else is having a rough day, take time to encourage them. You just might be their “right person.”

11. Try not to obsess about which meal table you “have to” sit at or who you absolutely must connect with “today.” Instead, let God direct your day. His seating assignments are often better than ours.

12. Ask God to help you see everything–including disappointments–as an opportunity to grow.

Jeanette Hanscome has written three books for teen girls with Focus on the Family and over 400 published articles, devotionals, and stories. She is a regular contributor to Walk Thru the Bible’s Tapestry, Standard Publishing’s Encounter—the Magazine, and the Girls, God, and the Good Life blog. (www.girlsgodgoodlife.blogspot.com). One of her passions is teaching and coaching new writers.

Connect with Jeanette at her website: www.jeanettehanscome.com