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Introduction: Today we’re introducing the second member of our new team of regular contributors to the Inspire blog, Kimberly Novak, who describes her journey into Christian writing.

“There is something delicious about writing the first words of a story. You never quite know where they’ll take you.”

The encouraging quote by Beatrix Potter has left an imprint on my heart, especially considering how it relates to my role as a Christian writer. Imagine re-organizing the terms into phrases such as, “There is something delightful about conveying the words God impresses upon your heart. You never quite know how they will ignite a spiritual desire in those around you.” Perhaps the greatest blessing is in the wonderment of how the reader responds to the expressions on the page. These feelings fill my heart as thoughts arise through reflective time spent in God’s Word, deep prayer, and insightful retreats. All leading to what I hope are God-kissed works of inspiration.

To heal from a painful experience, I launched a blog focusing on recovering from loss. I wrote about my personal experiences and conveyed how I moved forward through the pain. My mission was to reach those who struggled in healing and provide hope. In the early stages, my writings engaged the reader through aspects of transformative healing, focusing on the caterpillar to the butterfly. Over the years, as the blog developed, God was doing something incredible with my heart. I soon discovered that when I shared thoughts on spirituality and what it means to live a Christian life, I developed a burning desire to share God with every keystroke. It was not long before God impressed upon my heart to capture the essence of my journey through the art of Christian writing. At this time, God and I gave the blog a faith-lift.

Along my journey was a stopover on the trek to Spiritual Direction, another means of uplifting my faith in ways where I couldn’t wait to share its fruits. In feeding my desire to write for God, I prayed for other ways to share my faith through composition. Soon after, God began placing opportunities on my path. Before I knew it, I was penning prayers for retreats and providing uplifting and faithful articles for blogs other than my own.

As my hands fall across the keyboard, God becomes my muse. Christian writing inspires a passion for God as my fingers type each letter. By the time I finish the topic, I light up like the stars in the night sky. In the creative process, God unleashes something within me as I pray on a theme, let it simmer, and eventually tackle the God-sent assignment. Through it all, the mission and essential goal are to express God’s love to the reader.

“Bloom where you are planted” is another quote that has become a familiar Christian writing prompt when considering topics. I’ve often planted myself in places where I could find God; the act of Christian writing is where God has allowed my roots to take a firm hold. In the creative process, the space between where God places the thought in my heart to the time the last sentence forms, I consider sacred. A reflective moment where life lessons combine with faith, and God’s Word, producing a written experience of God.

Throughout my journey as a Christian writer, a blissful companionship with God continues to emerge from my writing and is fuel for how I choose to live each day. God uses authoring to enhance my faith with the opportunities to pray on various themes; this most often leads to openings for personal discernment.

Taking part in Christian writing, God allows me to witness as a friend, mentor, and companion on the journey. I am confident that God has given me the desire for Christian encouragement as a way to inspire the hearts of others. I am grateful for the tools God has given me to use my gifts for His greater good and as spiritual food for those I meet. Taking part in God’s work, my thoughts and phrases transform into spiritual wonders, enabling the reader to know the pure joy that only comes from His love.

In journeying with God through the first words of my story and allowing blooming to take place, Christian prose enables me to be a guide to where the light of strength is, God’s Love. As a Christian author, I live each day awaiting the gentle nudge from God pointing me toward the topic of His choice. In this, I live with a hope that through writing, the reader’s relationship with God blossoms. I consider Christian writing a ministry to which God has called me. In sharing God’s love from within my words into the hearts and minds of others, I aspire that each word acts as a beacon of light directing others towards God’s unfailing love.

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Kimberly Novak is a wife, mother, author, and spiritual director. Her passion for inspiring and motivating those on a spiritual journey has bloomed into various ministries. Kimberly’s mission is to enhance each journey by guiding others where the light of strength is…God’s love. Find her blog and A Little God Time at Her debut book, Bella’s Beautiful Miracle, A Caterpillar’s Journey, is available now.


    • Hi Debra, I learned early on not to argue when the spirit nudges as I know God has work for me to complete. Every opportunity brings pure joy and excitement as I begin the journey. Thank you for your comment.

  1. “In the creative process, the space between where God places the thought in my heart to the time the last sentence forms, I consider sacred….”
    I relate to this so much. Thank you for sharing your journey in Christian writing. My writing space, a tiny house on our property, is called “The Potter’s Shed”–because the Potter molds me (and my words) there… and in honor of Beatrix Potter.

    • Maureen your writing space sounds amazing! Its a blessing to have meaningful dedicated space for doing God’s work. Thank you for sharing.

  2. Congratulations on achieving the reason you were born. I know how authentic your words are and have witnessed your joy in loving our God. You are providing what we all need the most at this time of turmoil in our world, the love of God and how it fills our hearts and souls. So grateful we are now friends. Your searching has brought the gift of your friendship and holiness into my life. Thank you.

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