Larry Scott’s “The Making of a Model: On Becoming a Living Image of Jesus Christ” Now Available

When Larry Scott returned home from work Monday evening, July 16, 1984, he noticed that familiar objects were missing, and his home was strangely quiet. It was the moment he had dreaded for weeks; his wife had left him. It was his first evening as an ex-husband, the end of his career as a minister, and the beginning of a solitary existence that would last twenty years.

This is the story of a troubled life. It is also, however, the account of a man who rose from the mire to live again.

The Making of a Model is a message of hope … evidence that when God is in control, all things do, indeed, work together for good. The maturing process is sometimes traumatic, always life-altering, but, under God’s direction, inevitably rewarding.

The author’s perspective will challenge you to believe that, no matter how difficult the journey, God can bring about beauty from the ashes of your life.

And make of you, too, a living model of Jesus Christ.

The Making of a Model: On Becoming a Living Image of Jesus Christ, authored by Inspire member, Larry Scott, is now available in paperback and Kindle ebook.

About Larry

The son of missionary parents, Larry Scott spent his formative years in Peru, living first in the city of Cusco before moving to Lima in 1951.

Following graduation from Central Bible College, Springfield, MO, with an AB degree in Bible, he spent a year in missionary service, teaching at the Assemblies of God Bible School in Santiago, Chile. Two years as Associate Pastor of Christ Church, Westminster, CA followed and then he moved to Camp Hill, Pa in 1968 and served as founding Pastor of Trinity Temple.

After ten years of ministry to the people of central Pennsylvania, he returned to academia to pursue an M Div. degree in Counseling from Ashland Seminary, Ashland, OH. Following graduation in 1982, and divorce in 1984, he virtually gave up on life, moved to Poulsbo, WA and lived a solitary life aboard Angelica, a 40-ft sailboat, in effect homeless, but garnering no sympathy. After fourteen years driving long-haul truck coast to coast, he retired in 2004 and remarried his sweetheart on what would have been their forty-fifth wedding anniversary. Together again, they sold Angelica, purchased a home, and moved to southern New Hampshire.

Now in a rebuilding mode, he has turned to writing, with The Making of a Model his crowning work.

This is not the story of failure due to drugs, alcohol, marital infidelity, or physical abuse. But this is the story of a man who made unbelievable mistakes and failed. But he stayed true to his calling, rose from the ashes of a shattered life, found a new sense of direction, and recovered … living proof God can take even a broken man and make something special out of him—a living model of Jesus Christ.