Marilyn Siden & Robynne Miller’s “Finding Common Ground” Now Available

Why would a feisty almost-eighty-year-old grandmother slip into her Birkenstocks, throw a sleeping bag into the back of her Subaru, and set out across America?

Because she’d had enough. Enough anger. Enough hatred. Enough division.

Marilyn Siden has lived through much: the aftermath of World War II, Korea, and the horror of Vietnam. She’s navigated good political administrations and struggling ones, a thriving economy and want. Her eight decades of experience living in the US have shown her the best America has to offer and, unfortunately, the worst. But she never thought America would become a place of vitriol and despair.

So, she decided to do something about it.

Through a series of epic journeys across America, Marilyn discovered what she was after: practical advice on how to help our nation heal.

But she found something she wasn’t expecting . . . something far more powerful.

Marilyn found our common ground.

Finding Common Ground, co-authored by Inspire member, Marilyn Siden, and Inspire president, Robynne Elizabeth Miller, is now available in paperback and Kindle ebook.

Finding Common Ground is a wonderful book. There is so much wisdom in it, along with encouragement, practical suggestions, and an end that lifted my spirit. All the way through, I was dreaming of taking such a road trip…” – Francine Rivers (NYT best-selling author).


Finding Common Ground is a must-read for anyone heartbroken over the current climate in our nation. Healing our country starts by reading this book. You will be inspired and encouraged. Most importantly, you will see why we are not as divided as some would have us think. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book and narrating it. I know you will love it, too. – Jodie Stevens (Radio personality & podcaster).


Finding Common Ground is a fresh perspective on a tough topic—bringing our country back together again. Easier said than done, but this eighty-year-old woman was determined to find the answer. Siden’s remarkable adventure to find common ground started with listening, listening to ordinary folks. Imagine that! Go get this book, you’ll be delighted by the stories and inspired to take action. – Wendi Lou Lee (Author of “A Prairie Devotional” and actress, Little House on the Prairie)