The Benefit of Roundtables


Social distancing

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Many words and phrases have been tossed around since the coronavirus struck in February. All sporting events, church services, meetings, and conferences were canceled.

I heard the echoes of (introvert) writers saying, “Good! Now I can stay home and write.” And we did. But we came out of our self-isolation, blinking into the sunlight asking, “Where is everybody?”

Inspire Christian Writers wants you to know We’re Here! We’ve been working behind the scenes to bridge the gap left by the cancellation of in-person workshops and conferences. We know you want to talk to fellow writers about what you’ve been writing during ‘shelter-in-place.’

That’s why we created the Inspire Christian Writers Symposium Roundtables.

What are roundtables? They are a unique opportunity to sit in a virtual circle with six to eight fellow authors and an industry professional. Live, unscripted, and almost face-to-face. You’ll have five minutes to ask questions and get feedback, learn from the questions others in the group will ask.

Think five minutes isn’t a long time to talk to an industry professional? Think again. It’s enough time to ask those burning questions of agents, editors, and published authors.

Questions like:

  1. Is this idea marketable?
  2. How do I write my memoir?
  3. How many complimentary titles should I use in my proposal?
  4. How did you get started?
  5. I finished my novel. Now what?

Want to talk to an agent about your WIP? Want to ask a multi-published author about your memoir? How about having the opportunity to pitch your work to an agent and get instant feedback?

Roundtables are the perfect alternative to what we’ve all missed – the interaction with people who think and talk like we do. Take a look at all the offerings. Whether you write speculative, nonfiction, fiction, teens, or children, you’ll find a roundtable (or two) for you. Do you need help building a platform, marketing, or how to launch or self-publish your book? More roundtables.

View all of our Roundtables here.

But don’t delay. Spaces are filling up fast and we don’t want YOU to be left out.



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Jane Daly was awarded the Excellence in Editing award for her book, The Caregiving Season, and two Cascade Awards sponsored by Oregon Christian Writers. She is also the author of Because of Grace (2015). Jane Daly is a California girl living in an Oregon world. She and her husband and two cats relocated to a small town in rural Oregon from a big California city.