The Wonder of God in Our Writing

As a child, I was a dreamer. As an adult, I still do my fair share of dreaming and longing for a simpler time when tooth fairies were real and magic existed. I think that is one reason C. S. Lewis is one of my favorite authors. He never lost the wonder of life, the real magic of hope, even when facing sorrow.

However, in our culture, I think we’ve been lied to. We’ve been taught that if we dream and believe in the wonders of creation and goodness around us, we are not only foolish, but careless and immature. But the opposite is reality. These are glimpses of God.

Sometimes we get so caught up in the proverbial “adulting” everyone laments that we let go of the joy, the simple kindnesses, and the real magic of life. Magic isn’t potions and incantations. Magic is found in the way a kind word soothes our aching hearts, a smile encourages us on a dreary day, laughter emboldens us to carry on through discouragement, and remembering the joy of the Lord gives us strength for tomorrow.

As we write our stories, we must hold on to the wonder. We must help this world see the beauty of God that is everywhere around us if we will just look. The world needs to see and hear and know that He is God (Proverbs 4:20-23; Psalm 46:10). They need to “taste and see that He is good” (Psalm 34:8). Our stories can help readers do that if we do not get too caught up in the heavy things of life. Oh, I know, life is heavy, and Christian writing more than any other should deal with the realities of pain and suffering. However, we also have the answer to that pain and suffering, and we need to share that as well.

What would Joseph’s story be if we only knew of him being sold into slavery, wrongly accused, and thrown into prison? But we see the wonder of God’s hand working in and through Joseph’s life and the beautiful scene of reconciliation and forgiveness as he tells his brothers, “what you meant for evil, God meant for good.”

So many times dreamers are accused of living in a world of fantasy. I disagree! The ones who live their lives worrying about the “what ifs” and the “yeah buts” are the ones living in a fantasy world, and a fantasy world fearing doom that may never happen. I know, because I’ve been there. I love the quote: “Worrying…is like walking around with an umbrella waiting for it to rain” (Wiz Khalifa). I think I’d rather dance in the rain and jump in the puddles when the rain eventually comes than dread that it might rain on a gorgeous sunny day.

Just open your Bible and read. In there, we find hope, love, and joy. We find renewal for our sinful hearts and discouraged minds. We find Truth, the only real truth in the world. And that truth is filled with wonder. It is too large for us to completely grasp, too wonderful for us to fully comprehend. But we can try. And we can get to know our wondrous God.

And as we write, may that wonder, love, hope, and joy seep into our words and message. May the world see a glimpse of who God is and want to know more. And especially the children. As we write for them, may our stories spark a holy curiosity to know their loving Heavenly Father.

Is it any wonder that we are commanded over and over again to love each other and encourage each other? That needs to be one of our purposes as Christian writers as well. Jesus commanded us to look at the birds and the flowers and to seek His kingdom first (Matthew 6:28-34). I think that means we need to see His kingdom first as well—see His work around us and the ways He is glorifying Himself in our midst. He never intended for us to get stuck in the hopelessness we often see and hear in this world.

We don’t need to put on rose-colored glasses and pretend the world is good. We need to put on God’s perspective and walk in His hope and wisdom. That is where the wonder lies. That is where real magic is. Because that is where the blind see, the lame walk, the dead rise, stone hearts melt, and the sinful find forgiveness. What is more wonderful than that?

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Terrie Hellard-Brown is an Orange County California native but grew up in Oklahoma, spent fifteen years as a missionary in Taiwan, and has now settled in the Sacramento area. She is a writer, teacher, minister, entrepreneur, wife, and mom. But mostly, she’s just a Christian trying to live out her faith on a day-to-day basis. She’s always loved writing and has been published several times throughout her career. Her favorite topics relate to living the Christian life, but she’s also written several children’s books that her oldest daughter has helped to illustrate.


  1. Thanks for giving us license to dream and believe in the magic of the stories we are destined to write. It requires connecting the dots of what Our Lord has directed us to do with the imagination and intrigue we bring into the story. A toolbelt of goodies all there to support us. I appreciate your insight.

  2. Thank you for this beautiful reminder of why we need to read a Psalm every day. I loved the way you summarized the story of Joseph without “the wonder.” We are hearing far too many stories told that way in the news. God is as Wonder-full in the current pandemics and culture riots as he ever was. Raise your sword pens, authors. Slash away at Satan’s lies.

  3. This is so good, Terrie. First, remembering our own wonder at who God is, then sharing it with others through our writing is such an important goal!

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