Book Launch 101: Why Aspiring Authors Should Serve on Launch Teams

If you engage with other writers on social media, you’ll soon have the opportunity to serve on a Book Launch Team. Some writers turn down these opportunities unaware of how useful they are to aspiring authors.

What is a Book Launch Team?

A Book Launch Team is a team of influencers who help promote the book, primarily through social media and websites that sell books directly to readers. Launch team members read the book prior to its release and post reviews, photos quotes and impressions on social media and online booksellers.

How does it Work?

Usually the author or a Launch Team Coordinator will recruit potential team members via social media or email, using the author’s email list. For some launches, there is an application process and only those with relevant and significant platforms are included on the team.

Information is emailed to team members at regular interval–often daily. Communication escalates during the peak promotional period of the launch. The author will usually create a private Launch Team Page on Facebook for easy interaction with the team. This also provides a great forum for team members to network with other influencers.

The author or coordinator will post frequently to the page, guiding team members through the promotion process. Each launch team is unique, but most include the following: Chapter by Chapter interaction about the book, questions, suggested promotional activities such as:

  • Tweet a quote from each chapter.
  • Talk about your impressions of the book on Facebook.
  • Post the cover on all social media outlets.
  • Review the book on,,,
  • Blog about the book and/or interview the author on your personal website.
  • Share the book with your book club/Bible study or other small group (where appropriate.)

Why should you serve on other authors’ book launch teams?

1. The Golden Rule: Do unto others as you’d have them do unto you. You’ll need help launching your book, so hey, it stands to reason other authors need help with theirs. Keep in mind that helping others doesn’t obligate them to help with your launch. I serve on launches because I believe in a project and the author. Period. No strings. Go and do likewise! It’ll come back to you when it’s your turn.

2. It helps get books into the hands of readers! Ministry can’t happen until a reader receives the written words. You are part of the author’s ministry team when you help launch a book.

3. You’ll gain a better understanding of the author/reader relationship. Watch how the author engages with her tribe. How frequently does she engage them? What does she give away? What does she not give away? How does her tribe receive her? What steps is she taking to grow her contact list?

4. You’ll grow! Every time I participate in a book launch, I grow. On Michael Hyatt’s Platform Launch Team, I gained skills for building my personal platform. On Kathi Lipp’s Clutter-Free team, I spent 21 days de-cluttering my home! On Michele Cushatt’s Undone team, I’m learning to accept the life I have, even when it doesn’t turn out how I expected. As part of Joanne Kraft’s The Mean Moms Guide to Raising Great Kids  team, I’m becoming a better mom and being encouraged by the moms with similar struggles. All while learning how to launch my own books! I love it!

5. You’ll network with other team members, some of whom may become friends or may be interested in helping you with your future launch.

6. You’ll experience the abundant joy that comes with helping others.

7. When you serve on launch teams and you’ll be much better prepared to launch your own book. You’ll have the opportunity to interact with the author and the launch coordinator. They’ll be available to answer questions, make suggestions and guide you through your part of the launch process. This is invaluable! You’ll see what they do and can ask why (if it’s not obvious.) You’ll get to see the results of the team’s efforts. The launch coordinator will usually share Amazon stats for the project, so you’ll see what works for a particular project. Then you can adjust what you learn to fit your own book when you’re ready to launch.

Watch for my next post on Writing Great Book Reviews, a crucial skill for anyone serving on book launch teams.

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Elizabeth M. Thompson writes contemporary nonfiction, articles and devotionals using her experiences as a Bible teacher, wife, mother and grief navigator. She also enjoys speaking at writer’s conferences and women’s ministry events. Although her background includes marketing and education, writing has always been a driving force in her life. She is currently pursuing publication for her one-year grief devotional book, When the Waves Crash. Her most rewarding adventures to date include her marriage to Michael, parenting her three children, and serving Christian writers through Inspire. Her publication credits include articles published by Focus on the Family, Today’s Christian, and contributions to Whispering in God’s Ear (Waterbrook 2005) and Inspire Promise (Inspire Press 2014).


  1. I was wondering how to become a member of a book launch team through Inspire to support fellow writers. I would also appreciate others helping me launch my book in July 2015 (Give Yourself a Break: Turning Your Inner Critic into a Compassionate Friend).

    Could you please advise?
    Thanks, Kim

    • Hi Kim, Congratulations on your new book! It sounds like one that will be helpful to many people, including me. We are in the process of launching our online community for our members. It’s called On the City. Watch for an email invitation. When you receive that, be sure to connect to the community and join the group for book launches. Soon it will be populated with writers who want to help each other launch books. Also, please email me the specifics of your book and I’ll interview you for our website and post about your launch!

      • Thanks so much for your quick response Elizabeth. What a wonderful new online community you are creating. This sounds like such an easy and useable way to connect with and support one another. I’ll keep my eyes posted for that e-mail.

        And thanks so much for your offer to interview me. That would be most wonderful. I will e-mail you separately with all the details.

  2. I have been on two book launches, I found both by chance. I believe through following the authors on social media. I absolutely loved being on them and always wanted to be on more but I have the hardest time finding out about them. Is there a good way to find them?

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