What Inspires You to Inspire Others?

As Christian writers, we serve a unique purpose: we want to inspire others through our writing, and offer hope to a hurting world. Whether our writing is fiction, nonfiction, devotional or any other format, our underlying purpose is the same.

So, why do we do this? What inspires us? It boils down to faith. We have faith that God has called us to write, and to use our gift of writing to help others. Every day we get up and think what can I write today that will affect a change in others?

How do we decide what to write about? As Christian authors, we are in tune to the ways God has worked and continues to work in our lives, so our mission is to use those experiences to inspire others. We all have different walks with Christ, and because of that, we each offer a unique perspective to our readers, and therefore create unique content.

As projects develop and grow, it’s not always easy to stay focused on our original intent, and I think that’s the most pertinent part of what we do. We must remember that underlying any attention we, or our work, may get, the glory goes to God. We must remember that helping our readers to know God and His goodness is our underlying mission.

So, how do we stay inspired? Again, faith, combined with prayer. We must pray daily that God helps us get the message out to others that He wants communicated through us. We must serve to encourage each other as Christian writers that even on those days where our hope is low (because yes, it happens to us too!) there is a purpose to what we do. We don’t know when that one person who needed to hear our message that day may just see what we wrote, and be inspired. Maybe it’s a mother who’s at her wits’ end and just can’t see beyond the screaming baby and her messy house. Maybe it’s a father who is exhausted from trying to provide for his family and isn’t getting the positive reinforcement he wants at home, and needs hope to hang on and keep moving forward in a Christ-like manner. Maybe it’s a young person contemplating suicide. Maybe it’s someone who has never had Christ in their life, and your work opens their heart to Him.

You and I don’t typically know who we help, but we know who we serve. We serve God. So, each day, hold onto that promise from God. Know that He is proud of the work we are doing, and that together we will continue make a positive change in this world that can be so full of darkness.

We must remember as we do this work that not everyone has the same calling as we do, and not everyone will see the value or share the passion that we do in our work. Our passion comes directly from Christ, so do not be discouraged if you face controversy or negativity. Use these experiences to become messages in your writing. Continue to move forward and persevere in your mission. While others around you may not understand why you barely sleep and can’t wait to get your thoughts onto “paper,” why you feel this need to put so much time into writing that may not cause you to prosper financially, you and I know why we do it, and most importantly God knows why we do it!

May you continue to be inspired and continue to inspire others.

DMR Headshot B&WDenise Rezsonya is a Christian author and youth advocate. She lives in Noblesville, Indiana with her husband and two children. She inspires teens through her devotional resource books, Be the Light Volumes 1 & 2.  You can learn more at Denise’s website.


  1. Felt so drained today until I read this. Thank you for the reminder, refill and re-boot.

    • I’m so glad these words helped. I know how hard it can be some days to do what we do but God is proud and He’s why we do it. Stay strong and thank you for your comment! I sincerely appreciate it. Denise 🙂

  2. Great post Denise! Thank you for sharing! I’ll remember to read this again, if I ever feel uninspired. Thank you!

    God Bless You,
    Bev J

  3. Denise, you are exactly right on many levels. Your timing was perfect in sending this post to me… a time when I needed it most. I have been fortunate to have readers tell me how my stories have touched their lives, and for that, I feel truly blessed. Maybe they were the sole purpose God called me to write my novels. I pray each day for His guidance, but the demons are always there trying to pull me down… telling me to stop writing… no one is interested. I’m at one of those low points you speak of and I’m confused about the direction He wants me to take, but I continue to pray.

    God has been sending me messages for years, but I didn’t understand them. I never even considered writing novels, but when I finally realized His call was for me to write, I couldn’t refuse. He basically led me tell my personal testimony for others to see my mistakes. The situation I described in the last chapter of my story was the most surreal experience I have ever had.

    God does work in mysterious ways, but I know that with Him, all things are possible. I even used those words as the subtitle for my novel. I guess I’m a perfect example of His will being done.

    Again, I thank you for your inspirational message and wish you the best in spreading God’s word to others. You are truly one of his modern-day disciples… an angel. Keep writing and sharing His word.

    Tom Tatum

    • Tom, You are very kind and I’m so thankful that post got to you when you needed it. I find that I reflect on it quite often myself for inspiration, as God puts those words on my heart for all of us. You and I, and I’m sure many of us who put our time, energy and our hearts into this feel the same way. The challenge is that society and man teach us to live by greed but God wants us to live by love. Keep sharing His love Tom! I have not had the pleasure of reading your books yet but would love to read your work! This summer I will finally have time to do some reading and will check them out :). Be blessed and if God has it on your heart to write, write my friend. Remember who we serve! Thy Will be done! Be blessed Tom!

  4. Denise, this is inspiring. And I agree with your analysis. It is the Lord who has given me this passion for writing. And I praise God that He did. It’s not for recognition, applause or social status. For me it is to inspire, encourage and empower others. If God has given us a message through our words, we are responsible to put those words on paper and get it out to the world.

    We may not receive the appreciation we feel we should, but; that one soul who informed you how touched and inspired they are by your writing is well worth the effort to continue to write. And through our obedience to God, He will open the door to many more opportunities. Encourage yourself and continue to write. Your words are your voice .

    To my fellow Authors/Writers, use what you have and write your articles/blogs. Don’t allow your circumstances or whatever you don’t have to deter you from being the writer the Lord chose you to be. God has given you gifts, talents, knowledge and potential to make a difference through your writing . Use what you have at this moment in time, trust in the Lord no matter what and Go for it. Thank you again, my dear fellow sister in Christ for your insight.

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